Performing, Writing: a symposium in four turns will occur in March 2017, Wellington NZ.

Performing, Writing: a symposium in four turns will occur in March 2017, Wellington NZ. This event imagines how a text can be conceptualised, written, presented and figured with equal or more contingency and responsiveness to temporal and corporeal happenings, and vice versa. What creative, dialogic, autobiographical or alternative writing approaches might elicit a text that […]

Calling for the Residency Programs 2017 – Japan

Calling for the Residency Programs 2017 ――――――――――――――― Application Deadline: 6/30(Thu) without fail TWS has started its open call for both “International Creator Residency Program 2017” and “Research Residency Program 2017”! These Residency Programs will be the great opportunities for the artists who are eager to perform new creative activities or conduct research activities in Tokyo. […]


OPEN SITE – New open call program waiting for your proposal!! ――――――――――――――― Application Deadline: 5/23(Mon) without fail OPEN SITE further develops TWS major open call programs Tokyo Experimental Festival and Emerging Artists Support Program. For over 10 years, each program has supported cross-genre experimental performances and those who aspire to plan and carry out exhibitions. […]

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research – UK

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research Vol. 22, No. 1 Deadline date: March 11, 2016; City: the world; Performance Research Performance Research Vol. 22, No. 1 (February 2017) ‘On Taste’‘ De gustibus non est disputandum’ (There is no disputing about taste) Issue Editors: Joshua Abrams and Richard Gough This issue asks contributors to feel free to […]

Interdisciplinary Residency & Print Residency – UK

Hospitalfield: Interdisciplinary Residency & Print Residency Application Deadline Sunday 20 March 2016, midnight Residency Period 22 August–4 September 2016 and Residency Period 7 November–20 November 2016 Eligibility International and UK-based artists, writers, architects, producers, dancers, choreographers, commissioners, curators, designers, educators, researchers and others developing their working lives within the scope of contemporary cultural practices Places […]

Short&Sweet: Call for applications – UK

Short&Sweet: Call for applications open Short&Sweet have their first big night in Manchester and are looking for performers! The night is FOOL and is on Friday 1st April at Victoria Baths, an ornate empty swimming pool- a beautiful, large space. ( Short&Sweet is a series of three minute performances all in response to one theme. […]

Studio20: Residency Opportunity – UK

Studio20: Residency Opportunity for Greater Manchester Artist Studio20 at Bankley Studios are inviting applications from artists based in Greater Manchester for a 2-month residency in May & June 2016. We are particularly interested in hearing from artists who may not be able to participate in intensive creative practice away from home due to various other […]