Siena Art Institute – Italy

Disciplines: Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Film, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Visual Arts
Presentation / Open Studio / Performance / Screening
Duration: 1 month (June or July)
Paid by artist:
Resident artists are responsible for purchasing their own food and art supplies.
Paid by host:
Private studio at The Siena Art Institute, a private apartment in downtown Siena, travel expense.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:
The Siena Art Institute encourages artists of all backgrounds to apply for our Summer Residency Program.Selection is based on artistic ability and professional promise in a competitive application process, adjudicated by a panel of professional artists.  The Siena Art Institute encourages artists of all backgrounds to apply for our Summer Residency Program. We do not discriminate in our programs or activities against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status, or veteran status.   Note: Musicans, sound artists, and other artists whose work produces a great deal of noise may find it difficult to work at The Siena Art Institute: excessive noise is problematic since our building is very reverberant. In addition, resident artists are not able to work with toxic materials and certain other hazardous materials within The Siena Art Institute.
Prospective Summer Resident Artists must complete the residency application and must present a personal portfolio that demonstrates professional accomplishment as an artist, and a proclivity for artistic experimentation, a strong social commitment, and an interest in sharing their artistic passion with others. Resident artists should have earned an MFA degree or have equivalent professional accomplishment. International applications are welcome, but resident artists must be fluent in either English, Italian, ASL (American Sign Language) or LIS (Italian Sign Language).
January 15 2013
Deadline: (for residencies in June or July)
The Siena Art Institute’s Summer Residency Program allows professional artists, writers, and performers the opportunity to stay for a month in the heart of Siena (either June or July),  to work in a private studio at the Siena Art Institute, to present their work to the public, and to hold a final Open Studio. The Siena Art Institute’s residency program is especially suited for creative professionals whose work explores cultural crossroads, boundaries, communication, and/or the subject of art’s social impact.
Resident Artists are asked to give back to The Siena Art Institute in several ways:
•    Presenting a public talk about their work upon arrival in Siena.
•    Holding a formal critique with the Siena Art Institute’s summer program participants.
•    While not required, Summer Resident Artists are also invited to:
•    Hold at one or more open studios/exhibitions/performances/screenings during their residency.
•    Lead workshops with the Siena Art Institute’s summer program participants or members of the local community.

Technical information:
Facilities include: darkroom, ceramics studio, bookbinding studio, and more.
Studio information:
Private studio within The Siena Art Institute’s building in the center of Siena.
Accommodation information:
Private apartment.
Via Tommaso Pendola 37
Siena 53100
Contact info


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