Institute for Provocation – China

Disciplines: Performing Arts, Visual Arts
Duration: up to 6 months
Paid by host:
Supported projects are provided with local assistance and a studio to live and work. IFP can only provide direct grants for visual and performing artists, architects and designers living and working in Flanders and the Netherlands; for other artists money for travel, production and per diem needs to be raised by the artist in collaboration with IFP.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:
Project proposals (with a: research outline – min 1 and max 3 A4, b: CV, c: references of realized projects and d: proposed timing) can be sent at least 5 months before the intended stay to
The Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a dramaturgical workspace and curatorial think tank that provides artistic research as an independent research discipline with its own context and infrastructure. Under the flag of IFP, the artist is given the opportunity to do research within his/her own paradigms, and to seek interaction with other research disciplines following his/her own artistic logic.
On the one hand, IFP supports artist residencies (based on an artist’s proposal); on the other hand, IFP initiates own research projects (inviting artists to collaborate) stretching the borders of artistic research. The focus lies on the thinking process before or even beyond the actual creation of an artwork: the collection of dramaturgical information, the testing of different scenario’s, the summarizing of existing artistic vocabularies and realized projects, the experimenting with new media or disciplines, and so on.
Cross-disciplinary interaction serves as the Institute’s main facilitator. Rather than similarities, IFP proposes differences (in culture, in vocabulary, in paradigms) as actual provocations of the artist’s research and thinking process.
IFP was established under the name Theatre in Motion/LAB (till spring 2010) and has a base in Beijing, China and in Antwerp, Belgium. The Institute receives the support of Wp Zimmer Antwerp, The Flemish Government, Arthub Asia, The Dutch and Flemish Theatre Institutes and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design.

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