International Performing Arts Exchange – Denmark

Grants for guest performances and network-building within the field of performing arts.
•    Performing arts
•    Continuous
Who may apply?
Individual theatres, stages or persons may apply.
Purpose of the program
The grant program supports the exchange of Danish and foreign artists and their productions.
How your application will be evaluated?
In the evaluation of your application, emphasis will be placed on supporting:
•    Foreign guest performances in Denmark (typically, grants for living expenses and domestic transportation) The selected guest performances from abroad must, among other things, constitute an alternative to the Danish theatre scene and help inspire artists and audiences alike, as well as increase familiarity with international performing arts. In distributing support for guest performances in Denmark, the committee will try to accommodate the need for guest performances throughout the entire country.
•    Danish guest performances abroad (typically, grants for travel expenses) Danish guest performances abroad must present and help spread familiarity with Danish performing arts.
•    Other international activities, for example, network-building, participation in conferences and meetings for artists, producers, managers, and other key persons.
If you have questions about this particular grant contact:
•    Adviser, International Projects 
Mads Nyholm Hovmand 
+45 3374 4543
•    Adviser, Grants for performing arts exchange 
Kirsten Sylvest 
+45 3374 4577


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