International artist-in-residence programme. Barcelona

Homesession Residency is an artist-in-residence programme for artists and art professionals who want to develop their investigations or projects in Barcelona. In 2012 Homesession Studio opens its doors providing a new space for this programme, consisting of a flat for residents, an exhibition area and shared offices. Homesession Studio offers stays from one week to three months. This gives artists the opportunity to enjoy the interactions that can be generated from a culturally active neighbourhood in the centre of Barcelona. This and the involvement of Homesession in the local art scene makes the stay a key experience in the creative process.
Support for the visiting artist

In addition to this outstanding location, in the heart of the city, the homesession studio team is greatly involved in the residents’ creation and gives support towards the resident artists.  This valuable help covers all aspects of the residency, assisting the visiting artists with their environment, local ressources, information about daily life as well as the local art scene and providing him the basic tools and comprehensive guides to enable a better approach of the city.
The homesession studio team can help of course with all requirements for the artist’s research, production and exhibition, as far as possible.
The homesession studio team is also in permanent contact with other artists, curators and creative practitioners based in Barcelona, which can be a real opportunity to establish new networks and future possibilities of collaboration.
Grant programme
Homesession Residency has developped a grant programme that is dedicated to international artists, offering them the opportunity of a month’s stay in Barcelona with accommodation costs covered plus a grant for artistic production. This grant is attributed through the same selection process as the residency.
The residency is organised around the execution of a site-specific production. The result is shown to the public during an event at the end of the artist’s stay. Thanks to institutional support, up to four grants are offered every year, with the decision of the open call being made public in January and June. Since 2007 Homesession has received 15 artists in residence, bringing to Barcelona proposals by creators from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the USA, Finland, France, Portugal and the UK.


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