Luis Adelantado VALENCIA

The International Call for Young Artists which the Gallery Luis Adelantado organizes every year, is based on the wish to support and consolidate artistic creation and expression, and to promote those new creative art medias that are the base of our contemporary identity.
Through the Call, the intention is to discover by first hand, the current trends on the young and international art scene, and to offer the opportunity to exhibit in a professional art space, which on a longer term might lead to a continuous relation with the gallery.
This program is for young national and international creative artists (age 24 to 36). Professionals that are in the process of maturing artistically, and possess the capacity, ability and knowledge that will permit them to develop their projects with clarity and consistency.
The purpose of this call for the Gallery, is to establish a point of union with what is happening on the young international art scene and at the same time give the artists the opportunity to present their projects in a professional environment, that permits and facilitate the approach and a possible continuity of collaboration with the Gallery.

Until May 15th


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