Project grants for research

Project grants for research in the humanities, social sciences, environmental research, and artistic research
Research grants are also awarded for projects that involve one or more researchers and have a research leader or supervisor. Funding can be sought for projects spanning several years. Kone Foundation grants for research projects must also be applied for one year at a time.
Kone Foundation grants are awarded for research in the humanities, social sciences, for environmental research and for artistic research. Projects can be multi- or interdisciplinary, in which case several fields of research may be involved. The grants are generally not intended to support research in the fields of education, psychology, theology, law, economics or communications research.
Projects funded by Kone Foundation offer researchers grants, not a salary. The amount of Kone Foundation researcher grants (applies to decisions from 2012 on) is €2,100 per month (€25,200 annually) for doctoral research, €2,500 per month (€30,000 annually) for post-doctoral research and €3,000 per month (€36,000 annually) for experienced researchers. It is possible to pay salaries to research assistants and possibly the director of the project out of the financial support given to the project. The experienced researcher grants are intended for scholars and scientists whose scholarly output comprises significant publications in addition to the doctoral thesis.
Yearly researcher grants and other possible expenses such as material, appliance and travel expenses as well as temporary staff and outsourcing service expenditure etc. must be specified in the project’s cost estimate. If the university requires a portion of overhead costs, its percentage and sum must also be specified. However, Kone Foundation does not pay any overheads on research grants.


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