Bains: Connective – Belgium

Disciplines: Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts
Founded: 1997
The multidisciplinary laboratory is located in Vorst/Forest, in Brussels.
Public presentation or performance.
Duration: From two weeks until three months.
Paid by host:
Studio, facilities, presentation and accomodation.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:
Send in an interesting and challenging project proposal.
Bains Connective was founded in 1997 in Vorst/Forest (Brussels) as an artistic laboratory, that offers residencies in the fields of music, dance, visual arts , … Every professional artist can apply for a residency, no matter experience, age, discipline, culture or nationality. BC tries to create an open atmosphere where dialogue, experiment and exchange are essential. The result is a fertile environment for cross-disciplinary research and innovation. To support the need to develop, show and progress, BC organizes Lab Outs (showings of work in progress), Plankton Bars (lounges with artistic interventions) and theme periods.
Deadline: April 1 and September 15


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