C32 – Italy

Performing Art Work Space

Disciplines: Curating/Research, Dance, Performing Arts, Theatre
Founded: 2012
Language: English, Italian
C32 is based within a larger contemporary arts project situated in Forte Marghera (Venice, Italy).
Application Guidelines and Criteria:
Please contact C32 to know how to rent the space for your residencies.
Deadline: ongoing

C32 is a performing arts work space that produces and supports the performing arts. C32 is interested in developing both national and international partnerships in order to exchange projects as well as collaborating with artists and other institutions. It wishes to give artists opportunities to develop research on live performance within the arts, express different forms of art, share ideas, increase awareness and extend its audiences.

Technical information:
•    stage size area of 29,5 feet x 42feet (9m x 13m)
•    black dance floor
•    black wing flats and black back-drop/ or empty space
•    audio system with speakers and 1 mixer
•    theatre light with 1 console
Studio information:
It has 500 square metres of space available, that is equipped to be used as a rehearsal or meeting room, including some basic accommodation. It would be ideal for holding residencies, workshops or individual studios.
Accommodation information:
•    8 beds,
•    1 kitchen,
•    1 bathroom
via Forte Marghera 30 Mestre
Venice 30173
Contact info
Email: c32@parcodelcontemporaneo.it
Facebook page


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