International Cultural Exchange Projects

Grants for international cultural exchange projects under the Collaborative Agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture only to be sought by institutions covered by the agreement
•    Architecture
•    Crafts & Design
•    Film
•    Literature
•    Music
•    Performing arts
•    Visual arts
•    Continuous
Who may apply?
The collaborative agreement which exists between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture is designed to promote Danish international cultural exchange.
The funding scheme administered under this agreement is open only to institutions covered by the agreement.
International partners interested in initiating a collaboration on international cultural exchange can, however, contact their local Danish mission. It is up to the Danish mission to apply for funding.
Funding goes towards cross-sectoral international cultural exchange projects within the branches of the arts covered by the Ministry of Culture: Film, Architecture, Crafts and Design, Literature, Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts.
Purpose of the program
Foreign partners and artists can apply to the Danish Arts Council’s individual arts funding schemes for support for projects within the performing arts, visual arts, literature and music.  International projects within the other areas are administered by :
Film: The Danish Film Institute  
Architecture: The Danish Architecture Centre 
Crafts and Design: Danish Crafts 
Grants available under the Collaborative Agreement can be sought by partners of the Collaborative Agreement for international cultural exchange projects designed to strengthen:
•    The qualitative development of Danish art and culture – for example, through interaction with the art and culture scenes of other countries, their artists and audiences.
•    Knowledge of Danish art and culture in other countries.
•    Awareness and knowledge of the art and culture of other countries among Danish artists and cultural institutions.
•    Knowledge of Denmark generally, of Denmark as a cultural nation and as a social model, and of key issues in Danish politics.
•    Denmark’s public diplomacy efforts.
If you have questions about this particular grant contact:
Ane Alsløv 
+45 3374 4582


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