Star and Shadow Cinema – UK

Venue details
Star and Shadow is a cinema and social space opposite The Tanners pub in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle.
The cinema space has fixed seating with an area for performance in front of the screen. The social space is more flexible and
includes the bar and a stage, and there are other spaces in the building which have potential for use. Some basic theatre
lighting, a PA system and limited projection facilities are available.
Proposals are welcome for off-site pieces that take place in the vicinity of Star and Shadow. We’re flexible and happy to
discuss your suggestions.
Type of work
Artists who live or work in the North East region (County Durham, Northumberland, Tees Valley, Tyne and Wear) are invited
to submit proposals of work for inclusion. These can be performance, time-based, sound, dance, intervention, durational,
and interdisciplinary. Each work submitted must include a live element in its presentation. If you have any uncertainty about
what type of work is eligible, please feel free to contact us. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept proposals from
undergraduate students.
Selection Process
All proposals will be considered by members of the platform north east steering group which includes Lee Callaghan,
Michelle Hirschhorn, Carole Luby, Harriet Plewis and Ben Ponton. We will try to accommodate all eligible and technically
feasible applications. However, as our budget is limited, should we receive more eligible applications than we are able to
support, we will set aside applications from anyone who participated in the last annual event (2010). All applicants will be
notified by 16 November.
Working Relationship
We will aim to:
– Produce your work to the high standard it deserves.
– Conduct all activities in a professional manner.
– Provide you with a contract and a fee for your involvement (sum calculated and allocated according to secured funding
and at the discretion of the steering group after reviewing all submissions.)
– Provide you with technical help in the production of the piece where possible.We therefore need as much information as
is possible for you to provide. We will try to adapt to your needs, but any special requirements regarding equipment and
technical support will need to be negotiated.
Although we will be there as support, you will also need to take responsibility for the get-in and get-out on the day. This will
include being involved in the transportation of your equipment to the venue and setting it up, taking it down and returning
it to where it came from, supported by our staff and volunteers.
Due to the large number of participants and limited set up time in the venue a full rehearsal is not feasible on the day, so
please ensure you are very familiar with the operation of all equipment you will be using, including hires.




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