Associate Artist Residency – London

Since 1987 Acme Studios’ International Residencies Programme has enabled governments, cultural agencies, foundations and businesses to offer individuals major work/live residencies in London.
In response to increasing requests from artists we created the Associate Artist Residency (AAR). AAR operates alongside our current International Residency Programme and allows artists to apply directly to Acme for London residency opportunities for one, two or three months.
Associate Artist Residencies are tailored to suit the networking needs of international artists, allowing them to research, develop relationships and focus on their work in a supported environment. The programme is open to artists working in all disciplines, resident in any country outside of England. Residencies can be developed around a particular project or conceived of as networking and contacts focused.
Further details about the programme including the application form are available to download from the ‘Further Reading’ panel on the right hand side of this page.
Artists please note: The Associate Artist Residency Programme is fully scheduled until the end of 2013. Applications for residencies beginning after December 2013 are now being considered.
Applications which are incomplete or that have not been submitted on the Acme application form will not be accepted.


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