kinitiras studio iresidency – Greece

KINITIRAS DANCE SPECTACLE was founded in 1996. The main goal is the social questioning that derives through the influential and raw body language.  The contemporary but narrative approach of the thematology in a spirit of sarcasm and black humor, through speech and movement, are basic elements of the company.
The new venue prepared by KINITIRAS in the Akropolis area, offers the conditions for creation, research and presentation of on-going projects, to theatre and dance artists.
It is an residence hosting artists in constant and continuous basis to achieve a cultural exchange (Artists in Residence – AIR programs).
The programs running comprise of dance, movement, improvisation techniques, acting, directing, cimematography, choreography, all offered to artists and the community at the same time.
It offers, according to international standards, small scale residencies for artists and theorists from all over the world, encouraging research, development and presentation of works in progress. The aim of the artistic residency centre is to bring the community closer to the performing arts, and to give to the artists the opportunity to approach a new audience. Through kinitiras studio artistic residency centre everyone has the chance to meet artists and new techniques from the performing arts. We have created an inspiring environment to promote multicultural understanding that allows innovation and creativity to flourish.

Application deadline  25/06/2013
Ioanna Kampylafka:


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