Mecklenburg Inspires Germany

„Mecklenburg Inspires“ is an international residency program for artists and cultural operators from all disciplines. It is located on the German Riviera, the beautiful German Baltic coast around Kühlungsborn, Heiligendamm and Bad Doberan.
“Mecklenburg Inspires” is also a cultural project for the region and intends to make a contribution to its sustainable development through the creativity of artists from different origins and disciplines in dialogue with the local inhabitants. Like this, the region which experiences waves of tourists throughout the summer, is being culturally and qualitatively animated during the off-season.
And last but not least “Mecklenburg Inspires” is an innovative experiment of support of the cultural sector and cooperation between the arts and tourism. Through the creation of a rich network it strengthens both sectors and creates new opportunities and visions for the region.


•    Who for: you are a professional artist or cultural operator (we define professionalism not in relation to economic success but by the fact that the persons’ professional activity mainly concentrates on the artistic/cultural productive activity)
•    What kind of artists: we acknowledge as supported disciplines: visual arts, media arts, performing arts (dance, theatre, life art, performance), music, creative writing, art- and cultural management, cultural research, curation.
•    Admitted are single artists and groups. Generally we give residencies of no more than 10 days to groups.
•    Language: in order to participate in any of the programs, basic knowledge of either the German or English are required.
•    Our wish: in the planning of each residency season, the project manager plans with each invited artist a parallel activity, depending on the artists interests and skills. The aim of the parallel activity is to produce an output or impact that will remain with the region or its people after the artist has left. This can be a workshop for locals, a work-in-progress-showing, a lecture, a dinner cooked by you, a painting, or many other things. For most site-specific project proposals there is no need to define a parallel activity as the impact for the place is inherent in the project.
•    We like artists to prepare a presentation of their work for the public.
•    Deadlines: please note the following deadlines for applications:
15. July for autumn residencies (beginning of November until mid December)
15. August for winter residencies (mid January until end of march)
•    When: the residencies take place during the off season, from the beginning of November until the end of March. Artists are invited to stay for a duration of six to 8 weeks. Longer stays, if required, can be negotiated.
•    Accomodation: we offer accommodation in our houses (3 – 5 stars), free meals (half-board and the possibility to prepare sandwiches for lunch) and work spaces according to the associations and other local possibilities. The hotels are located in and around Kühlungsborn and Bad Doberan
•    Financial support: At the moment we don’t cover travel and material costs. We are happy to write invitations in order to support your search for mobility- and other grants.
•    The artists have 3 days to familiarise with the new environment and they will be introduced to the region.
•    Support: we offer a light artist support, but no permanent supervision.
•    Presentation: there will be an exhibition or performance of the artists work in a local exhibition hall and there will be media coverage of the artists work and stay in the region.
•    Network: as there are several international artists from different disciplines, there will be the opportunity to network, informally and during our weekly art drinks. Artists in residency will also meet regional artists. It is our aim to facilitate further project development for the artists through our networks.
You can download the application form here or require it from:


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