ICC+S-AIR Exchange Program Sapporo Japan

Residency Period: July~Sep. (2 months and 10 days, 2 artists)
Sep.~Oct. (2 weeks, 2 artists)
Oct.~Dec. (2 months, 2 artists)
Jan.~March (2 months, 2 artists)
Application Period: Mid-September (TBA)

8 artists from Europe, Oceania and Asia including Japan
Conditions / Provisions
To have English language skills sufficient for daily conversation.
To be motivated to exchange with the local community through workshops and lectures
Traveling expense – Production fee- Living expense – Professional and staff support – Opportunities for presentation/exhibitions- studio in the Center or gallery in the city—Publication and distribution of activity report- Scholarship available

Production area:
studio in the Center or gallery in the city
Accommodation: 2 single studio apartment houses in the city
Inter-cross Creative Center
Lot size: 3,379 sq. m.; floor space in total: 5,622 sq. m.
Number of floors: 4 floors above the ground and a basement
Facilities: 20 unit rooms for lease(12.6-143 sq. m. per unit), meeting rooms, cafeteria, equipment for common use (photocopiers, printers, etc.), Internet access

In April 2001, Sapporo Artist-in-Residence (S-AIR) opened its office and studio in a former education research institute building, which was renovated by the city of Sapporo, and turned into a cultural incubation center, the Inter-cross Creative Center.
Other tenants in the building are young, creative entrepreneurs in various fields, including IT, design, and film production. Unit rooms are leased at low rate to the tenants.
The Center is located in the cultural and educational zone, with elementary school and nursery home in the vicinity.
2 apartment houses in the city are rented by S-AIR to provide accommodation to resident artists.

Focus Area(s):Visual Arts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Print
Months of Residency:2011/07 – 2012/03: There are four periods of residency programs


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