Recidency Istambul

K2 Recidency programe is an experimental one which can not offer any educational facilities to the
applicants. 25 squaremeters artists studios are accesible from 7.30 am to 11 pm. There are 16 artist
studios are already in use by the local artists and 2 Studios offered to international guest artists.
Unfortunately we are not able to provide hi-tech facilities for the artists but in special cases we can
also search for these necessary equipments by the sponsorship before their arrival.
Artists can show their works/projects -that produced during their residency period- at the K2 gallery, avaliable places in the building or in the city. K2 can also arrange meeting with the art professionals especially from Istanbul. Artists can give talk in K2 as well as Platform Garanti CAC (or Apartment Project, Pist) in istanbul.


25 squaremeters
5.65×4.35 meters
Height:3.50 meters
3 windows

•••Address of the residency studio in K2:

Cumhuriyet Bulv. No:54
Buyuk Kardicali Han Kat-2 Oda:243
Konak Izmir Turkiye


Resident artist is going to stay in a flat in well condition and nice neighborhood. It takes only 10
minutes by walk from house to the studio. It is still in preperation prosses therefore, to get more
information and images please contact K2.

•••The city:

Urban Izmir is located at the south west coast of Turkey, has 4 million habitants .It is Turkey’s third
largest city and second most important port. A city of palm-lined promenades, avenues and green
parks set in sweeping curves along a circular bay, Izmir has an exceptionally mild climate. The city
is a busy commercial and industrial center. It is also close to historical places like Ephesus, Pergamon
and beaches.

K2 guestartist will have a discount from some shops, restaurants etc during their residency in the city.

•••Responsible person with the residency:

Aysegul Kurtel


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