Residency – Korea

Incheon Art Platform provides living and studio space for a limited time to artists of various genres, so that they can concentrate on their creative activities in their best conditions. Asides from the physical support of space, the IAP provides support on the software side, such as helping with the promotion and the execution of projects.
IAP supports both the creative activities of artists with various cultural backgrounds and the research activities of researchers. Moreover, artists in residency can develop their creative abilities through collaboration with their neighbors.

① Artist exchange workshop (presentation by artist in residency)
② Artist/critic matching program
③ Incheon research tour
④ Achievement reports of conducted projects such as open studios, open showcases, exhibitions, performances, and publications.

– Recruiting Area: visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, general culture, etc.
– Residency Duration: long-term (1year) / mid-term (6months) / short-term (3months)
– Provided Amenities: 1 studio or guestroom, joint studio, miscellaneous help with the execution of projects

Paid by host:
Private studio and accommodation (food and other utilities not included); airfare for overseas residents (one time round trip economy class air ticket); production fees for local collaboration program or projects in or by Incheon Art Platform.
For the Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency 2013, some of living costs, project fee and special exhibitions are covered by IAP (Selected artists only by examination, prior discussion with IAP is necessary).


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