stays and tours for artists & creators – Germany

The “Artists’ Contact” programme supports working stays and tours of contemporary
• artists
• curators
• art educators
• art theoreticians
• architects and
• designers
from developing and emerging countries to Germany.

German artists can also receive subsidies for their traveling expenses while networking and seeking opportunities in developing and emerging countries.

Subsidies can be assigned for
• exhibitions
• performances
• artist-in-residence programmes
• workshops
• preparatory and research trips
• international symposia, conferences and lectures.

Grants are awarded for traveling and subsistence expenses.

• Detailed information on funding principles and the application procedure (PDF)
• Funding application (RTF)

Please note: The ifa cannot act as a negotiator while the project is still planned.

Application deadlines
The application deadlines are January 31 (spring committee) and August 15 (autumn committee), the post mark is valid. The spring committee meeting decides on projects of the current year (only exhibitions not starting before June); the autumn committee meeting decides on projects of the following year. Applications must be complete and on due time to be admitted to the committee meetings, if submitted after the deadline they cannot be considered. Applications may be submitted in German or English.


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