Please nominate projects for NODE13!
You can submit your own projects – or projects of others that you consider groundbreaking in the field of NODE.
Submitted projects can be of any size and format. You can propose any project format e.g. performances, artworks for the exhibition or workshops. We love dynamic and static projects as well as virtual and physical projects.
As NODE13 is an inter-media forum which facilitates a cross-border exchange between all disciplines of art, the Open Call addresses to works in the field of new media, performing arts, video and music, architecture as well as software.
With this ‘Open Call for Proposals’ we wish to expand our awareness of relevant projects, and also open the possibility to show work that hasn’t been presented before.
Eligible for submission are professional, amateur, independent, as well as commercial works.
1. Submission of works: Deadlines are November 30th 2012 (exhibition) and January 31st 2013 (performances/workshops). No previous registration needed!
2. Screening by the curational team and announcement of selected works: Until December 2012 (exhibition) and January/February 2013 (performances/workshops)
3. Exhibition of selected works: February 11th – 17th, 2013


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