Artistay – France

Artistay is intended for artists with a specific project of their own, looking for a place in France that will offer ideal circumstances in which to complete it
1. The applicants define their own project for a residency:
The purpose of the residency is for the artists to take advantage of the professional facilities and support in order to work efficiently and complete their project (as it has been outlined in the application).
2. The terms of residency:
– The selection is carried out by the residencies.
– The hosting organizations are not in a position to give a stipend or grant. The artists are therefore encouraged to approach their national and local arts councils, culture agencies or foundations for financial assistance to cover the residency fees and travel costs. The applicants are welcome to get in touch with artistay to get more details on this matter.
– we at artistay help the artists in their search for an adequate residency even if they haven’t yet secured the necessary funding.
3. All residencies working with artistay must meet specific requirements:
– They are run by professionals with a background in the art world (artists, professors, art historians), able and willing to offer their guests any practical, personal or professional help they may require.
– The accommodation offered comprises individual bedroom, cooking facilities, living space (sitting room, library…) and studio space, all on the residency’s own premises.



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