Open Call: F/LOSS Arts Residencies – Brussels

Constant Variable Rue Gallait straat 80, 1030 Brussels
In 2013 the Constant Variable residency studio will be open for artists who want to work on a F/LOSS-project. Constant Variable offers a free living & working space in exchange for a presentation of your work(-in-progress), bits and bites, artworks under free licenses, experiences in and thoughts about Free Culture, cooking a.o. Please note there is no fee or transport expenses we offer, only a space, a community of F/LOSS artists and sharing vibes.

Update: Constant refunds travel costs, and there is a perdiem available.
Please send your proposal to before 15th December 2012.
The proposals will be looked at closely. If they find a host among the people in the Variable-network, you will be selected. If there is no specific affinity with the topic amongst any users of the house, you might not be selected, even if your proposal is beautiful.
For your information: Until 2014 Constant Variable is a F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels/Belgium.
The house is run collectively. The aim of the Variable-project is to experiment with the notion of an autonomous F/LOSS Arts Lab (Free and Libre Open Source Software Lab for Art), what it can mean, need and generate… Practically Constant Variable is a house in the center of the European capital with four floors, installed as labs for artists who choose to work with free and open tools. At the moment there are around ten people actively involved in the daily use of the house, responsable for labs dedicated to video, hardware, electronics, sound, design. On the top floor there is a studio with a double bed, a shower and a small open kitchen. There is a common kitchen and a space for public activities. Meals, mails and management are shared as much as possible.


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