Sculpture/ installation Competition – spain

The Gabarron Foundation, in collaboration with Fundación Murcia Futuro (FMF), is pleased to announce an international sculpture competition organized by FMF. The Foundation invites all international artists for a chance to exhibit their work and win prizes.
The objective of the competition is the selection of five unpublished and original sculptural proposals to be placed in the future Parque de Levante of the city of Murcia, Spain.
American and foreign artists may participate in this Competition.
Participation may be individual or group; in the latter case a designee should be chosen as a representative of the group.
Each of the participating persons or teams may submit a maximum of one proposal.
The winning works will be displayed in the designated sites within el Parque de Levante, with the consent of the artist and FMF.
The theme will be of the artist’s own choosing, but those works that show a connection to the history and culture of Murcia, from both the historical perspective as well as from the concept and philosophy of art, design and environment articulated by the new park will have a special significance.
The Jury will award the following prizes:

First prize will be 24,000 €

Second prize will be 10,000 €

Third prize will be 5,000 €

Two secondary prizes, each one, 3,000 €

Of all the submitted proposals the Jury will select the fifty best projects, which will receive an accredited honorary certificate. These works will be included in an exhibition in Spain and another in the United States, all of them displayed in a catalog, of which each of the selected honorable mentions will receive two copies.
All selected works will become part of the collection of Fundación Murcia Futuro, which may make use of them freely for its exhibition, loan or display. The artist will maintain individual rights to the work as guaranteed by law.
Please visit our site at for more information and rules of the contest, and to access the online registration form.
Deadline: 21 December 2012

More information:

Contact: The Gabarron Foundation – Carriage House Center for the Arts for more information:


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