WRO 2013 – Poland

We are now accepting submissions to PIONEERING VALUES: The 15th WRO Media Art Biennale, whose opening events will be held in Wroclaw from May 8th-11th 2013. Everyone submitting works should read and follow the instructions below. Please make sure to submit your work along with your entry form early enough to meet the December 15th deadline.

The works that will be shown during the Biennale will be chosen by the WRO 2013 Biennale team.

How to Submit Works to the WRO 2013 Biennale

The WRO 2013 program is open to various forms of creative artistic expression and communication made using electronic and/or digital media and completed after January 1st, 2011.

The following prizes will be awarded during the WRO 2013 Biennale to works chosen from among those selected for presentation:
– The WRO Biennale Award;
– The Critics & Alternative Art Publishers’ Award; and
– The WRO Audience Award.



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