call for proposals – residency – USA

The IMA is issuing a call for proposals for a summer 2013 six-week residency on Andrea Zittel’s Indy Island within the IMA’s 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park. Graduate and undergraduate students and professionals in the fields of art, design, architecture and performing arts are encouraged to apply to customize and reside on Indianapolis Island.
The chosen applicant will be awarded a stipend to customize the interior of the island and implement their proposal during a residency. The Indy Island resident will have the opportunity to communicate their unique experience though the use of a blog provided by the IMA.
•    Island residents are provided with a budget of $3000, paid in two installments, to purchase materials for fabrication. All materials purchased with this budget are property of the IMA. A personal stipend of $1500 is also awarded.
•    The IMA will provide roundtrip travel to Indianapolis for one resident. If a group application is chosen, these stipends will be divided among members of the group, or the group can nominate an individual member to serve as a representative for the residency.
•    Residents will be loaned an iPad to use for blogging for the duration of the residency.
•    This commission is a large time commitment. It would be ideal for students participating to earn credits at their university for their work, but this must be negotiated by the resident with his or her university.

•    Application Due Date: Friday, January 11, 2013
•    Notification of Finalists Date: Friday, February 22, 2013
•    The dates of the residency are flexible. Residencies must last at least six weeks and be conducted between May–September 2013.

Please submit all questions to Amanda York:


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