Artist in Residence (OAZO-AIR) Netherlands

Disciplines: Performing Arts, Visual Arts

about OAZO-AIR
Open Ateliers Zuidoost Artist in Residence (OAZO AIR), founded in 2010, is based in Amsterdam Zuidoost (aka Bijlmermeer). It is part of “Stichting Open Ateliers Zuidoost” a non-profit organization, founded in 1993, that manages 60 art studios for local artists.
OAZO AIR is a space grant and invites artists of all disciplines to live and work temporarily (1 – 3 months) in Amsterdam Zuidoost. We also welcome curators and cultural producers to apply for a residency (1 – 3 weeks). The residency can be used for project research and development or the creation of a work of art. The residency needs to relate to Amsterdam Zuidoost and its cultural divers society and there’s a requiremet to do something in/for the community (presentation, exhibit, workshops, debates, …..). The artist will work independently.
Residency provides artist(s) at no costs with:
-a work studio (size: 2,8m – 7,6m)
-a furnished living studio including kitchen,
(size: 4,3m – 8,9m)
-2 bikes
-wi-fi and printer
-use of prepaid mobile phone


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