Residency Unlimited (RU) creates customized environments of support for artists and curators in all disciplines and at all stages of their practice with:
1. Comprehensive support “pre-residency”:

Artists and curators may develop projects during their residency that require an early engagement on our part. Prior to their arrival, the RU team will evaluate organizational capacity and determine the best way to prepare the terrain. In addition, we will extend our support to helping the resident find accommodation, and identify solutions that fit the budget available.
2. A gathering and networking space:

Residency Unlimited’s headquarters serve as  an events and discussion space where ideas are explored and interaction occurs. A great deal of emphasis is placed on activating professional connections for the residents. In addition to ongoing engagement with RU’s curatorial staff, we organize at least 1 studio visit per week for the artists with New York based guest curators and critics, as well as those passing through New York. Sometimes we set up additional targeted meetings outside our premises to advance individual projects and research. Critical feedback leads to career opportunities for RU participants beyond the residency. Please click here to view a list of invited guests in 2010 and 2011.

3.  Production & technical support:

Residency Unlimited’s efforts are directed towards implementing logistical and production assistance for the development of artistic projects. This support is determined on a case to case basis with each resident sometimes even prior to arrival.  Some artists require technical training that result in one-on-one workshops that take place at 360 Court street, which range for example from acquiring basic technological skills to learning how to create a website.

4. Exposure:

During their stay, RU residents are offered various public presentation opportunities (exhibitions, discussions, screenings, panels) at RU’s event space (360 Court street, Caroll Gardens) as well as other venues that are made possible through RU’s  partners. Between  2010 and 2012, RU organized 30 events at 360 Court street and throughout the City.

5. Curatorial residencies :

During their residency, curators can conduct research, explore new directions and ideas and realize a project in the form of a public presentation, i.e. exhibition, lecture series, publication, screenings, seminar). Prior to the curator’s arrival, RU will set up meetings with professionals in the field that are relevant to the project and aims of the resident, as well as studio visits with artists in New York. We also request the curators to meet the RU artists on a regular basis and sometimes this can lead to projects and activities.
6. Selection process:

The selection process ranges from an open call application and panel process to nominations or by invitation depending on the type of residency and the partnering organization. Artists and curators can sign up on RU’s website to receive announcements for open calls.
Residency Unlimited’s activities and programs are made possible thanks to our generous supporters.


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