Rijksakademie residency – Netherlands

The Rijksakademie residency is a place for research and production for talented, professional artists from all over the world. There are fifty-five studios where, for a period of two years, resident artists can conduct research, experiment and work on projects and production. Large project spaces are available for trial projects, collaboration and presentations.

Practical facilities such as a studio, living accommodation, a scholarship and a work budget form the basis, but the Rijksakademie is more than a residency: concentration on work, experimentation, reflection and discussion are central. The residents receive critical support at the highest artistic, technical and theoretical level. Internationally-active artists, theoreticians and other advisors pay individual studio visits. The advisors come from different continents, cultures and generations, and offer a wide variety of views. They reflect the diversity of contemporary art practice.

Technical specialists manage professionally-equipped workshops where artists can work and experiment with traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. In response to an individual artist’s requirements, collaboration and unexpected connections arise between the various disciplines. Facilitators support the resident artists with the practical aspects of the work process within and outside the Rijksakademie.

There is no programme, no prevailing stylistic approach or ideology. The Rijksakademie offers support and opportunities.

Resident artists work with all the major contemporary techniques in the visual art disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, printing techniques, sculpture, video, film, sound and new media. Links with other disciplines such as architecture, music, dance, literature and cinematography are also possible.

The Rijksakademie is also a platform for pioneering initiatives and collaborations in the field of art and science. Artists develop projects in dialogue with specialists from diverse scientific and scholarly disciplines.

Application is open to artists at the beginning of their professional development, with a focus on artists 25 — 35 years of age. Artists younger than 25 or older than 35 are also welcome to apply.
All artists admitted have access to facilities of both institutions, including a private studio, workshops, libraries, artist’s talks, seminars, open studio events, administration services, housing services, et cetera. The teams of advisors (Rijksakademie) and tutor artists (De Ateliers) will be integrated gradually.

Application for the residency 2014 is possible from 01-01-2013 by using the online application form on www.rijksakademie.nl or www.de-ateliers.nl. Deadline for application is 01-02-2013.

The Rijksakademie has demonstrable significance, nationally and internationally, in the world of contemporary art. The converging individual networks of the resident artists, visiting artists, theoreticians and other advisors and the finalists of Prix de Rome form a worldwide association of artists.


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