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Arts in Colchester is seeking a professional artist to lead on the Fete Alleyway Project, which is part of the final project phase, led by the St Anne’s Steering group, set up during the community consultation in Phase 2.

Project Overview:
To work with the community to rejuvenate an alleyway in the St Anne’s area of Colchester.  The project will involve engaging a range of groups of people to support community cohesion, confidence and intergenerational interaction through socially-engaged artistic practice.

An introduction to Fete
Fete is a three-year project designed to enhance and deepen the impact of the combined outreach offer from three Colchester-based arts organisations – Colchester Arts Centre, firstsite and the Mercury Theatre – known collectively for this project as Arts in Colchester (AIC). It will seek to provide new activities to enhance social cohesion, celebrating local life, traditions and new talent through contemporary visual arts, and performance.


Fete Alleyway Project

Arts in Colchester is seeking a professional artist to lead on the Fete Alleyway Project which is part of the final phase led by the St Anne’s Steering group set up during the community consultation in Phase 2.

The artist will be expected to work with a range of groups to come up with the design for an art work with a high level of participant input, both in design and implementation. The professional artist will lead workshops to develop ideas around a community-determined theme and in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings within the community; develop a final design and work with partners to ensure its successful installation. The alleyway is approx 85m length by 2m wide, with bends and a steep camber. It has a new surface (tarmac) and is lined either side by a mixture of brick wall and wooden fencing.  There are currently 3 street lights and one dog fouling bin. The postcode of the area is CO4 0DB in Colchester.

On completion of the project there will be an unveiling & celebratory event. This will celebrate the artwork(s), artists and, crucially, the community who have created them.

Project Aims:

  • To build community pride by creating an artwork that helps to create a safer more pleasant place for people to walk.
  • To bring the community of St Anne’s together, giving people the help and support to make a difference to their community.
  • Finding new and different ways of using spaces – the alleyway, community centre, etc.
  • Developing the skills of participants and increasing their confidence to engage in new art forms.
  • To improve self esteem and raise aspirations of core participants through engagement with the project.

Role of the Artist:

  • To effectively communicate with the Arts in Colchester organisations and the St Anne’s community.
  • To engage a wide range of people from all the St Anne’s community.
  • To encourage people to be creative through a series of workshops in the community and AIC organisations.
  • To inspire and empower local community groups to develop and create elements of the artwork.
  • To produce and install a public artwork for the alleyway in collaboration with the community, that will promote and celebrate the St Anne’s area of Colchester.
  • To ensure the permanent artwork can be safely displayed in the outdoor environment and is resilient to the elements and other environmental factors.
  • To contribute to the ongoing evaluation of the Fete project through reflective practice during the alleyway project and via documentation, conversation and a written report.
  • To represent the Arts in Colchester organisations.

Application deadline: Monday 10 December, 5pm
Interviews: Monday 17 December
Project planning with St Anne’s steering group and delivery of workshops: January – March 2013
Art work completed and installed and celebration event: April 2013
Project evaluation completed: May 2013

The fees are broken down in the following way:
Artist (minimum 10 days including planning and workshop delivery): £2000
Materials, manufacturing and installation: £4000
Accommodation/Subsistence/Travel: £500 (maximum)

Deadline for proposals is 5pm on Monday 10 December

  • Proposal for your approach to the project, with appropriate timetable, availability and budget (max 2 pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae including two references (one from employer)
  • Maximum of three images of your work

Please email your proposals to



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