Call for artists – Glasgow


 Deadline 10pm 21st December 2012 

//BUZZCUT//is an artist-led performance festival in Glasgow, which celebrates and supports artists from all stages of their practice.

We’re so excited to be returning for our 2nd festival next March and we’ve been asking ourselves the question: ‘What do we know? What do we still need to learn?’

 Between 27th – 31st March, we aim to be programming over 50 pieces of work over 2 venues and having //BUZZCUT// be a meeting point for all kinds of communities across Glasgow and further.

 We are accepting proposals from live artists from across Britain and beyond. We’re really keen to hear from as many people as possible and also how your piece responds to the same question we’ve been asking ourselves: ‘What do we know? What do we still need to learn?’

 //BUZZCUT// will provide artists with:

  • The opportunity to create a new piece of work, show an existing piece of work, or try out a new idea in a supportive environment 
  • A platform to showcase work to invited producers and programmers from across Britain
  • The opportunity to become part of a new performance community
  • Free, homemade, hot food each day of the festival from our //BUZZCUT// chef
  • Specially created artistic meet and greet events every day
  • Full documentation of your work through film and photographs

We would also like to pay for your travel if we’re able to accept your application for the programme. This can’t be confirmed at the moment but we will let you know as soon as we know.

If you are coming to the festival from outside Glasgow, there will also be the opportunity to stay with a Glasgow-based artist with no accommodation costs.

 //BUZZCUT// is about people. It’s about art and it’s about sharing.

 You can email us for an application form on

Or you can copy and paste it from our website on

Twitter: @glasgowbuzzcut

Or find us on facebook as Buzzcut Glasgow and add us as a friend:



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