Lab-Yit Residency Program (LYRP)

Yit-Lab offers artists the opportunity to spend time in a stimulating cultural space, other than their daily work environment. The art residency program is based on the dialogue with the local community and aims to be a real bilateral exchange.
So, for example, much attention is given to the public opening of the studies, and provides all the appropriate tools for a real  understanding and integration with the local culture. The lab-Yit team works to ensure effective opportunities for professional growth such as discussion meetings and activities with local and international artists, events, exhibitions, conferences, publications, workshops, etc. …
The resident artists will be invited to participate at these activities organized by lab-Yit and promoted in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Beijing. During this series of in-depth meetings each artist will have the opportunity to present his own path of research and illustrate the project carried out while in residence to critics, researchers and other professionals. During and at the end residency, lab-Yit will arrange open studio days giving a chance to  the artist to face a generic and professional audience.
The residency program of lab-Yit is intended as a customized project that is agreed with the artist and defined on its specific person according to individual needs and intentions. The possibility of an exhibition and a catalog at the end of the period of residency is discussed with each participant.
Artists have the opportunity to have an exhibition of their works at the location previously granted. Yit-Lab can provides exhibition space for free.
Usually, the studies are located in the vibrant art district of Beijing Caochangdi. This area is strategically located 15 minutes from the airport and not far from downtown, this district allows you to easily get in touch with other artists and galleries both international and local.


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