STEIM residency – Amsterdam

STEIM provides support for various types of residencies. You can apply for support by email. We typically only consider projects which are clearly developed and matured (typically after an introductory meeting). Residencies can be (a combination of) one of the following:

  • preparation of new (partly) electronic work
  • development, refinement or modification of personal electronic instruments for music performance
  • development of hardware/software for new sound artwork or performance
  • development of music technologies for healthcare and education
  • development and test-driving of workshops

Since project residencies usually put a higher strain on STEIM’s resources, we are rather strict in accepting new projects. Sometimes an Instrument Lab residency is a good alternative, which also offers time in the studios and a good deal of technical and artistic feedback in a shorter time period.

Carefully read the application procedure and the general project terms below.

Application procedure

Send an email to the STEIM office with the following information:

  • A bio and CV – include material or references to your work that you consider informative with respect to the application
  • Links to audio-visual material online
  • A short description of the project
  • State clearly what kind of support you’re requesting from STEIM (e.g. studio use only, hardware support, artistic advising, etc)
  • Describe the presentation format of the project upon completion (e.g. recording, concert)
  • State how you will document the project

Format requirements:

  • If you send attachments, make sure they don’t exceed 1.5MB.
  • Preferably use the PDF format for documents.
  • All documentation should be in English.
  • We do not accept non-electronic applications.
  • We prefer to listen to audio material online.

Judgement is generally based on immediate encounters with you and your work. Your application will go through the selection procedure by the artistic and technical staff of STEIM. As the number of applications exceeds our project capacity, we have to make a selection, based on technical feasibility, availability of studio space, and our current artistic agenda. Special preference is given to applicants who are willing to share their knowledge with the community surrounding STEIM, via workshops, lectures, or other public engagement. Please take into account that STEIM plans ahead 3 to 4 months, and that the selection procedure can take some time.


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