Scholarship –


The New York Studio School is committed to giving a significant education to the aspiring artist that can last a lifetime. Our aim is to reveal to the entering student appropriate questions about drawing, painting and sculpture and to encourage them to work hard and think rigorously at all times, enabling them to construct an ethical and philosophical framework for their life’s work.

The graduating Certificate or MFA student leaves the School with a developed understanding of the language of art; an enlarged imagination stirred by an established work ethic, with the passion and ambition to be an artist for years to come

Much of the New York Studio School’s financial assistance is based on documented financial need as demonstrated by completing the School’s Financial Aid Application.  To be considered for financial assistance, students must also be in good academic standing.

In addition to awards from the general scholarship fund, the School offers a number of special scholarships intended to provide highly gifted students the opportunity to experience a rigorous education in the visual arts among a talented peer group and under the guidance of internationally recognized faculty.


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