CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Mannheim – Germany

For the twelfthtime in a row zeitraumexit offers artists a platform to present their work.
“frisch eingetroffen“ is directed towards artists who are on the beginning of their career or who try to test new approaches in their artistic career.
The focus of the event is on the exploration and examination of new territories in art and on the intersection of performance-art and theatre.
Dates: July 5 / 6, 2013
Moderated Criticism-talks (not open for the public): July 6th + 7th, 2013 with artistic directors of other festivals or theatres.
The organizer points out that the exchange and the dialogue between the artists is an integrated part of this festival. So the presence during the talks and other meetings is expected.
Applications can be made by performers and theatre artists: Projects with 1 to 3 actors. There is no age limit as going new ways is independent of age.
Technical and spatial conditions
The projects should not be longer than 20 to 60 minutes and should need only littleequipment, as it is intended to present several works every night. zeitraumexit will be able to provide the basic equipment for video projections.
Rooms available:
Room 1 (“Kubus”): a nearly quadratic room of about 12metresside length,where the audience can be placed variably; black wooden floor/dance floor; white walls or black panelling; height of rigging: 3.80 metres;installation of simple lighting and audio equipment is possible; 24 channels max.
Room2 (“Kantine”): a room of about 16 metres length,7 metres width, 4 metres high with white walls. The seating can be integrated freely, tile floor, one window front.
Costs: The organizerswill pay a fee of 250€ to each performer and cover the travel costs and the costs of accommodation.Groups with 3 and more perfomerswill get a fee of 750 €.
Address: zeitraumexit, Hafenstr. 68, 68159 Mannheim
Curators: Gabriele Oßwald, Wolfgang Sautermeister, Tilo Schwarz
Application deadline: March 25, 2013 (date of the postmark)


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