Creative Residency & Research Residency South Korea

The studio program consists of the creative residency for artists and the research residency for curators and theorists. Resident artists are selected through open applications and invitations. The call for application is announced through public media and GCC’s homepage around November. Invited artists are selected among artists recommended through the director’s approval.

For the resident artists, GCC offers various programs such as mentoring, lectures, seminars and workshops, supporting active and in-depth creations and research activities. The outcome of the residency takes different forms, including exhibitions, performances, open studios and publications. The artists are provided with work space, lodging, and in many cases funding for creation. GCC is equipped with exhibition spaces, facilities, workshops, and practice studios for artistic activities in various fields.

Mentoring programs invite world-famous artists, curators, art theorists and philosophers, offering critic session and discussion tables that transcend the limitation of genres for resident artists.

 Drawing & Painting, Curating/Research, Media Art, Literature, Multi Media, Photography, Visual Arts

  • Private Studio and Living quarters, all free of charge
  • Two-way economy-class airfare for one person, as applicable for foreign residents and korean residents working/living abroad
  • Production stipend for artists: around 2,000,000 KRW depending on needs
  • Research stipend for researchers: amount depending on needs for exhibition, publication or other applicable outcome.


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