CDA. Becas Internacionales a la Investigación y a laProducción Artística 2013 – Turkey


CDA. Becas Internacionales a la Investigación y a laProducción Artística 2013. Turquía

Fecha límite de inscripción : 30 de noviembre 2013

Cda – Proyects Grant ha estado ofreciendo hasta 10.000 euros anualmente desde 2011 para apoyar la elaboración de un proyecto de investigación artística.

La subvención tiene por objeto apoyar y abrir debates sobre la investigación artística de una red más amplia a través de una convocatoria abierta . Anima a los enfoques especulativos a cómo poner en escena el discurso y la forma en que se produce el conocimiento , repensado y entretejido en todas las disciplinas . Sin ningún tipo de limitaciones en el contenido , se espera que las investigaciones propuestas sugieran nuevas formas y metodologías con una reflexión sobre los contextos y condiciones del conocimiento producido .

Cda -Proyectos Grant también apoya una publicación después de la finalización del proyecto, que reúne a los debates sobre la investigación artística realizada , incluidas las cuestiones planteadas , el análisis especulativo y el resultado final.

El comité de selección
La selección invitó a los miembros del comité Gerard Byrne, Bassam El Baroni y Irit Rogoff . Iz Öztat participará en el comité de selección de Director subvención Cda – Proyectos .

CDA-Projects Grant
Istiklal Cad. Misir Apt. No:163 K.3 D.5
34433 Beyoglu / Istanbul
tel: +90 212 251 12 14
fax: +90 212 251 42 88



Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production 2013

Application Deadline: November 30, 2013

Cda-Projects Grant has been offering a 10,000 Euro grant annually since 2011 to support the production of an artistic research project.

The grant aims at supporting and opening up discussions on artistic research to an expanded network through an open call. It encourages speculative approaches to how discourse is staged and how knowledge is produced, rethought and interwoven across disciplines. Without any limitations on the content, the proposed inquiries are expected to suggest new forms and methodologies by reflecting on contexts and conditions of the knowledge produced.
Authors (includes artists, curators, writers, thinkers etc…) of any nationality, regardless of age, can propose projects to be carried out individually or collectively.

Applicants can submit an artistic research project that is currently in the production stage or one that is scheduled to be completed during the six‐month period following the date of selection.
Cda-Projects Grant will also support a publication after the completion of the project that brings together discussions on the artistic research undertaken, including the questions raised, speculative analysis and the final outcome.
Please send the documents below to
All the submitted documents should be in English and each one should be sent as a separate PDF. Applications that are not sent in the specified format will not be considered.

– Project proposal and documentation (Maximum 500 words explaining your artistic research project, motivations of the research to be carried and the expected outcome. Up to 4 images can be included as documentation.)
– Curriculum Vitae (Include e-mail and mailing address.)
– Portfolio consisting of three completed research based projects.
– Time-based media should be submitted in low-resolution format via upload and the link should be provided within the portfolio (Not larger than 350MB.) If the resolution is important, you can send a DVD with excerpts up to 30 minutes to the address below:

Cda-Projects Grant
Istiklal Cad. Misir Apt. No:163 K.2 D.5
Beyoglu / Istanbul 34433 Turkey

Application Deadline: November 30, 2013
Announcement of the results: January 10, 2014
Completion of the project: July 30, 2014
Book launch: December 31, 2014


– 10,000 Euros will be paid in three installments. The first payment of 3000 Euros will be made in January 2014. The grantee is obliged to provide a progress report on March 30th, 2014. If the report demonstrates adequate development of the project, second installment of the payment will be made as 3000 Euros. The final payment of 4000 Euros will be made, when the project is completed and submitted.
– The grantee is responsible for producing the outcome of the artistic research project that is outlined in the proposal.
– All the material produced with the grant remains the property of the author(s).
– The grantee is responsible for providing Cda-Projects Grant with material and content that was produced during the research process for a publication to be produced by Cda-Projects Grant in cooperation with the grantee. Once an agreement on the content is reached, Cda-Projects Grant will contribute up to 5000 Euros towards the publication costs.
– When the resulting project is exhibited, the following should be mentioned:
– This project has been produced with the support of Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production 2013.
– All the documents generated should be given to Cda-Projects Grant for archival purposes.
– All the legal responsibility of the content in the publication belongs to the author(s).


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