The Present Tense – Internet

Deadline date: December 17, 2013

The Present Tense is currently accepting submissions for its next round of thematic posts that feature artists working with
the same materials/concepts. We are interested in live artworks that investigate the following concepts:
-IF A TREE FALLS DOES IT MAKE A SOUND? (artist accounts from performances that had no witness)

If you are an artist working with any of these ideas/materials, please send the following information to by December 17, 2013. Artists will be notified regarding their acceptance in January 2014.
Documentation of selected works will be featured on The Present Tense’s web archive throughout 2014.

Artist statement (100 words)
Artist bio (100 words)
Examples of past work (images and/or video)
Maximum of 10 images (150 dpi no larger than 8 by 10 inches)
1-2 links to video not to exceed 20 minutes each (hosted on Vimeo, Youtube etc.)

Still images and video must be accompanied by an image list containing the following information:
-title of piece
-year of creation
-brief description of piece

Please specify which theme/s you are submitting for in the subject line of the email.


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