dasweissehaus residency – Austri

Disciplines: Curating/Research, Media Art, Multi Media, Photography, Visual Arts


Please take into consideration when you apply for a residency, that the current location is provided by the real estate company LIV GmbH. This friendly support was agreed on with the condition that our residents contribute one work of art to the company, in consultation with the artists and studios das weisse haus.


There will be open studio days at the residence house, studio visits of local artists, admittance to a number of art events, etc. At the end of the residency there will be a variety of opportunities for the residents to present their work.

Note that you are requested to contribute one work of art to the real estate company providing the accommodation of studios dwh.
Duration: 12 weeks
Paid by host:

apartment and studio rent
cover of traveling expenses of artists coming from a country within Europe up to 200,- Euro, for artists coming from any country outside of Europe studios dwh covers traveling costs up to 400,- Euro
a monthly allowance of 300,- Euros to cover basic living costs (studios dwh recommends you to seek additional funding options)
100,- Euros for production expenses while in residence

January 5 2014

Contact info
Email: studios@dasweissehaus.at


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