Open call residency – Map Est Nord Est

Open call residency – Map Langage plus – Deadline january 15th

Est-Nord-Est is an artist-run centre which offers, through itsresidency program, technical support and a critical context to artists engagedin the process of research / creation. Three residencies are offered per year,in the spring, summer and fall. Up to four artists and a curator or a writermay participate in each residence, eight weeks for the artists, four weeks forthe curator or the writer. This is a unique occasion for both the artists andother art professionals to step out of their normal everyday situation topursue a research project in a different, stimulating, vibrant environment; onecharacterized by the rural setting, the friendly welcome attentive toeveryone’s needs, the abundance of local resources, the quality of thetechnical and logistical assistance and the richness of the exchange with theother participants of various origins participating in the residency.


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