Dar al-Ma’mûn – artists residency – Morocco.

Dar al-Ma’mûn is an artists residency located in the Ourika valley, near Marrakech, Morocco.

Dar al-Ma’mûn offers a wealth of cultural activities: art residencies, a humanities library specializing in literature, philosophy and art history in Arabic, French and English, a literary translation research centre, cultural and educational activities for children and adults.
UNESCO-Aschberg bursaries for artists promote young artists’ mobility and cultural exchanges.
The UNESCO-Aschberg bursary program consists of a worldwide network of partner institutions sharing the values established in the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of cultural expressions.
Short description of the UNESCO-Aschberg bursary program at Dar al-Ma’mûn
· Type of residency offered: one in writing (creative writing or translation) and one in visual arts
· Duration: 3 months during the year 2014.
· Dates of residency:to be determined in coordination with the Dar al-Ma’mûn team.
· Origin of candidates: all countries other than Morocco.
· Age limit: minimum 25 years, maximum 35 years
· Languages : any language + ability to communicate in English or French
· Scholarship Description: Return airfare to Marrakech managed directly by UNESCO-Aschberg, individual housing, provision of a shared studio (visual arts) or workspace (literature).
+ For the visual arts: availability of equipment, management of works transportation, and a production grant for an amount of
€ 5,000, allocated according to production costs.
+ For the writing residency: access to a staffed library, grant for purchase of books relevant to the project, possibility of a
research trip within Morocco.
• Application : To be eligible, applicants must register on our website: http://dam-arts.org/#/en/2. Any non-pre-registered
applications will be rejected. For their application to be examined, candidates must provide:
– A cover letter explaining the relevance of the applicant’s work in relation to the Dar al-Ma’mûn residency.
– At least one project feasible within the time frame and conditions of the residency.
– A curriculum vitae.
+ For the visual arts : an illustrated artistic portfolio representative of the artist’s general work, on one single document with a minimum of 15 images.
+ For the writing residency: writing and/or translation samples, published or unpublished. No more than 50 pages.
The applications must be sent electronically to the following address: aschberg@dam-arts.org. The portfolio must be a single pdf document with a maximum weight of 50 MB.
The videos can be downloaded by Dropbox, senduit, yousendit, wetransfer, ZShare and other similar tools. Websites will be consulted for information but cannot be considered as the principal source presenting the work of the artist.
· Deadline: Wednesday, November 20th – 11pm (Moroccan time).
· Jury: Dar al-Ma’mûn will bring together a jury of art and literature professionals. The selected candidates will be notified by January 15, 2014.
Further information may be requested from:
Email: aschberg@dam-arts.org
Julien Amicel, co-director Dar Al-Ma’mûn Carleen Hamon, co-director Dar Al-Ma’mûn
Cel. Ma. : +212. Cel. Ma. : +
CREATIVE WRITING AND TRANSLATION : Omar Berrada, co-director Dar al-Ma’mûn / Cel. Fr. +


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