7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art – Canada

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Deadline date: February 14
(PLEASE NOTE: this call for submissions is for performance artists living and working in Canada, ONLY.)

The 10th edition of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art will take place in Toronto from October 26 to November 2, 2014. Curated and organized by a non-profit artist collective, the festival presents innovative and progressive contemporary performance art by local, national and international artists. This call for submissions is an invitation restricted to artists living and working in Canada. We are looking for emerging, mid-career and established
Canadian artists alongside international artists to showcase the breadth and depth of current contemporary
performance art practice. We pay artist fees that meet or exceed CARFAC guidelines, accommodation, and travel. We cannot accommodate dance, theatre, or circus troupes/companies. No email submissions please.

Deadline for submissions is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014.

Application Guidelines: Please complete the following form and save it as a single PDF, and submit 10 images of your work and/or 5 minutes of video documentation on Vimeo or YouTube. Upload your materials to http://www.dropbox.com
and send the links to performance@7a-11d.ca (go to http://www.Dropbox.com to set up a free account). Please note: email submissions will not be accepted.

Submissions must include: (Upload the following information on a single .pdf to Dropbox.)
-Artist Name
-Mailing address

Provide a detailed description of the proposed work. Include:
-Title (if applicable)
-Type of venue (indoor, outdoor, proscenium, etc)
-Technical Requirements (500 words max)
-Description of performance (500 words max)

ARTIST STATEMENT: Please provide a description of how the proposed work fits into your overall practice. 300 words
RESUME: Please provide a short CV, 2 pages max.
BIO: Please provide a short biographical statement. 200 words max.
DOCUMENTATION: Please attach 10 images of your work and/or a link to 5 minutes of performance documentation on video. Images should be jpegs, saved at maximum 800 x 600 pixels. 5 minute video, linked through Vimeo or YouTube, with a password if needed. Caption document (include the title, dimensions, medium, date and other applicable information for each image)


7a*11d acknowledges the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and
numerous artist-run organizations, private and business sponsors for our previous activities.


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