OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS: Film & Video Performance – Cyprus

OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS: Film & Video Performance
Deadline date: May 30

The call for entries opens on 1 March 2014.
The deadline of submissions is 30 May 2014.
Theme: “Site-specific”

Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF), announces an Open Call to artists to submit film and video
performances for the Screening Program of the festival. We are interested in works in the form of video and film that
focus on site-specific performances created for the camera. The premiere screening of the selection will take place at
the 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival in Nicosia – Cyprus, after which the works will tour a number of
countries around the world.

The first Performance Screenings (2013) was a selection of video performances, films and video documentation of performances presented during the 1st Cyprus International Performance Art Festival, organized and produced by the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS). The second Performance Screenings (2014) will be a selection of films and videos where live performance is created for the camera.

Performance art is frequently created to exist in a certain place, forming a specific context of time and space while creating several ephemeral moments. The artist uses his/her body to transmit an idea or to reveal an image, constructed through the relationship between himself/herself and the space or place. A site-specific performance can be collective, impulsive, unpredictable and evolving, where the artist and the viewer can be engaged within its environment. Therefore, through the presence of the artist, the existing space/place can be experienced in another way, while communicating other possibilities in understanding reality.

We are looking for video and film performances in which “site-specific” has an essential part, where public spaces, places and landscapes are selected in an effort to present or suggest the live and the ephemeral through video and film. The open call for the screenings selection of the 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival is for recent
video works (between 2010-2014). The duration of the video works is preferably 1–5 minutes and the maximum allowed duration of the videos is 12 minutes. Each submission must include the name of the artist, the title of the performance, the duration of the video, the place where the original performance took place and the date of its
realization. Each artist/group can submit up to 2 works.

More info about submitting a work, here:

The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is the first and only festival in Cyprus created for and dedicated exclusively to Performance Art. Every year this innovative performance art festival accommodates a number of performance artists from around the globe while presenting their work under a specific thematic.

For further instructions on your submission and technical support please contact MOVIBETA by email:

For general questions on submission, please contact CIPAF by email:

Selected artists will be contacted by email latest on 8 June 2014.
Thank you very much for your submission and we wish you a good luck!


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