2014 LAGI international design competition – Denmark

2014 LAGI international design competition

The competition is free and open to everyone. We encourage designers, artists, engineers, architects, landscape architects, university students, urban planners, scientists, and anyone to enter who believes that the world can be powered beautifully and sustainably. Please take a moment to click on the “register” link in the sidebar and create an account. By doing so, you will stay informed as there are updates. Everything that you will require to begin can be found in the sections below (click on the “plus” signs to expand each section). $20,000 in prize money will be allocated by the determination of the offical LAGI 2014 jury (see below).
Open period for questions has been extended to April 1, 2014.
If you have any questions, please send an email to lagi@landartgenerator.org.

Submissions will be accepted until May 18, 2014 at 23:59 (11:59pm) GMT.
There are no restrictions on team size and/or makeup. The competition is open to everyone, but is in particular aimed at artists, urban planners, architects, landscape architects, and engineers. It is recommended (but not mandatory) that the team be comprised of interdisciplinary members so as to arrive at the most well-conceived result but we also recognize that great ideas can spring from individual efforts as well.
As an international design competition, the Competition is open worldwide to professionals, any member of the public, and to students. An Entrant may either make a Submission individually or as a team (“Entrant”). Each team shall identify one team member as its Point of Contact (“Point of Contact”) during the upload process.
The following are excluded from participation in the competition:
1.    All persons or businesses who are or were involved in the organization of the competition or have contributed significantly to formulating the competition design guidelines.
1.    Representatives or employees of the competition promoter.
1.    Employees with, partners of or employees of any member of the jury or adviser to the jury.
1.    Persons who are close relatives of or have a close familial relationship with any member of the jury or adviser to the jury.
1.    Enterprises that are wholly or partly owned by persons who are close relatives of or have a close familial relationship with a member of the jury or adviser to the jury.
1.    Any employee, volunteer, or board member of Society for Cultural Exchange or the Land Art Generator Initiative.
No matter how a person is involved in the preparation of an entry, he or she must be aware of the above rules. In case of doubt, contact lagi@landartgenerator.org.
SCE shall direct all Competition-related communications to the Point of Contact. Any awarded prize funds shall be distributed to the Point of Contact of the winning Entrant.
A team (Entrant) may be composed of a group of otherwise unaffiliated individuals and/or represent an existing organization, firm, or agency. There are no age restrictions.
Unless awarded a prize pursuant to the rules herein, no Entrant shall receive or be entitled to receive any payment or monies as a result of a Submission or for granting SCE any right herein or associated with the Competition.


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