ARCUS Project 2014 IBARAKI – Japan

ARCUS Project 2014 IBARAKI
Artist-in-residence Program Outline
Artist-in-residence program of ARCUS Project which aims to support the artistic activities of
emerging artists was launched in 1994 by Ibaraki Prefectural Government as its main organizer.
In its 20 years history, ARCUS has invited 88 artists from 27 countries / regions, and supported
their artistic projects and researches during the residence. A number of previous residency
artists are now known as cutting- edge artists in the international art scene.
ARCUS Project artist-in-residence program has focused more on the “process” of activities.
Therefore, we are looking for a project which does not regard final presentation as a goal, but
tries to conduct a site-specific research / project within a certain period of time. It is also
expected that the research / project is open to public for sharing the process and collaboration.
The proposed projects are supposed to be temporary works with which the applied area can be
returned to its original state. Since our program is aimed at promoting international exchanges,
applicants should possess national of a country other than Japan. Not more than one artist will
be selected from one country / region.
The Applicant should:
— be an emerging artist engaged in contemporary visual arts or other related fields
**We only accept individual application. Group application is not permitted.
If the applicant works as a group, please write names of the group and the member(s) in
“Essay 1” box of online form.
— have nationality of country other than Japan
— have legal permission to enter Japan
— be in a state of good health and able to carry out daily activities on his / her own
— have enough English skill to communicate with other artists and coordinators
— not be enrolled in educational institution (undergraduate, graduate school etc.) during
the residency period
the end of August through the beginning of December, 2014 (100 days)
**Program period includes official programs, which are indicated in section V.
Each artist is provided with the following support during the residency period.
A. Studio
One classroom converted into studio is provided for each artist. The studio area is 67.5
sq.m. (W:9m x D:7.5m x H:3.3m) and equipped with internet circuit (no computer) and
air conditioner. Telephone (domestic calls only) are available for share at the Studio
**Artist is required to bring / prepare specific tools, equipment, and software necessary
for his / her artistic activities. Although minimum tools (ex. drill, screwdriver, hammer,
saw etc.) are available, studios are not equipped with professional facilities such as
workshop, studio for shooting or editing room. ARCUS also cannot provide SLR
photograph camera, video camera and tripod.
B. Accommodation
Each artist will be provided with a furnished studio-type apartment that includes
minimum electric appliances near the studio.
C. Transportation fee
Artist from overseas: Round-trip (discounted economy class) airfare from the
international airport nearest his/her home to Narita International Airport is provided.
Artist inside of Japan: Round-trip public transportation fee from the nearest station /
airport is provided.
D. Allowance
Artist will be provided with 150,000 yen for meals and other basic expenses and 450,000
yen for expense related to any kind of his / her artistic activities during residency period.
**The allowance:
— will be confirmed at the time of invitation
— includes tax and calculated on per diem basis
— will be directly handed to the artist on the designated date every month.
E. Insurance
Artist with foreign nationality will be covered by overseas travel injury insurance (30
million yen in case of death, or up to 2 million yen for medical treatment). Any past
illness, chronic disease, and dental treatment are not covered.
F. Studio Office Support
Studio Office consists of four coordinators and Guest Curator. They will coordinate
meetings with Japanese arts professionals, informants, and interpreters, assist artist in
making arrangement necessary for his / her activities, and also facilitate communication
with other artists and the local community.
To participate in the residence program, applicants are required to:
— can participate whole 100 days program period.
— conduct research or field work and be positively involved in the communication with other
artists and local community.
— give first priority to the ARCUS Project during the designated residence period, use the
studio as the basis of the activities, and notify the Studio Office when leaving studio for certain
duration for artistic activities. In case artists are scheduled to participate in other artistic
activities and exhibition during the ARCUS residency period, they are obliged to inform the
ARCUS Project Administration Committee and obtain consent in advance.
— participate in ARCUS Project artist-in-residence programs on the designated dates.
In the ARCUS Project 2013 artist-in-residence program, artists participated the following as
official programs:
1. Welcome party (half day)
2. Courtesy visit to the prefectural governor’s office (upon arrival, half day)
3. Courtesy visit to the mayor’s office (upon arrival and departure, half day each)
4. Press club interview at the prefectural government (half day)
5. Day trip around Ibaraki sightseeing spots (1 day)
6. Open Studio (around 4 days during the stay. Not consecutive 4 days as exhibition)
7. Local / Community / Public program such as talk, workshop etc.
** All program details are subject to change.
— follow regulations and terms / conditions of the ARCUS Project Administration Committee
and the public building where ARCUS Studio is located
— refrain from carrying out profit-making activities during the program
— cooperate with the Administration Committee for publicity and other activities related to the
promotion of the program. Artist is expected to:
a) be cooperative interviews and other requests from various media such as
newspapers, TV, public relations magazines
b) agree that the copyright of all the photos and footage which records the activities
during the residency belongs to the ARCUS Project Administration Committee
c) be cooperative to requests concerning use of above mentioned photos and footage
for the publicity and promotion for the ARCUS Project
d) be cooperative to refer to the name of ARCUS Project at the future publicity
— present the result / process of research on residency program as exhibition, workshop, etc
within a year after finishing residency program and inform to the ARCUS Project
Administration Committee about the detail, such as date, place, etc.
—list as ARCUS project 2014 Artist-in-Residence Program on you CV after finishing
residence program.
— follow the program requirements as listed above, and sign the statement of mutual
agreement and points of concern upon invitation. Artists who breach the agreed conditions
and obligations may be subject to cancellation of the invitation and all provisions, withdrawal
of partial provisions, or refund of allowance and airfare paid in advance, depending on the
scope of violation.
Please download the Application Guideline from ARCUS website
(, and follow the procedure.
You will get confirmation email and URL of application page.
There are three steps in application process;
Step1- Sending general information and essays online
Step2- Uploading JPEG image(s) and PDF(s) of your CV based on the instruction on the
application page
Step3- Mailing application materials. Please check other materials from Application
Guideline first. If you would like to submit video work, send DVD via postal mail.
The DVD should not contain the data more than 10 minutes.
Application Deadline is April 30, 2014 for Step1 and Step2. Both online applications should
be submitted by this date. Then all applicants should mail application materials which were
required at Step3 by post. Postal application materials should be reached ARCUS studio by
May 09, 2014, the material postmark dated May 09, 2014 is NOT valid.
Mailing Address:
ARCUS Studio
2418 Itatoi, Moriya,
302-0101 Japan
Tel : +81 297 46 2600
— The expected number of artists to be invited may be three.
— The screening process will be conducted by The Selection Committee.
— The Selection Committee is scheduled for June 2014.
— The final results will be announced and sent to the applicants by the end of June 2014.
— Individual queries concerning the selection process will not be answered.
This application guideline is based on the project plan of the fiscal year of 2014.
The details of the program are subject to change if necessary.
For inquiries, please use the question form at ARCUS website:
ARCUS Studio


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