Davidoff Art Initiative – Dominican Republic

Davidoff Art Initiative – Dominican Republic

Disciplines: Drawing & Painting, Film, Media Art, Multi Media, Photography, Sculpture, Visual Arts
Founded: 2012

For Caribbean and Dominican Artists:

ISCP New York
Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin
Red Gate Residency Beijing

For international mid career artists:

Altos de Chavon, La Romana, Dominican Republic ( Starting in 2015)

Duration: 3 months
Paid by artist:

Certain indirect costs (e.g. travel to and from airports, inoculations, health insurance etc.) are not covered.
Paid by host:

The Davidoff Art Initiative covers all major direct expenses related to participation in the Davidoff Art Residency at international partner program sites, including studio rental, housing, a monthly stipend for living expenses, material and shipping costs, travel to and from the residency, visa fees and a study tour undertaken during the residency. Specific terms will vary for individual partner programs.

The costs and circumstances of various residency programs and destinations can vary substantially. Detailed information on support for individual programs will be provided to candidates who have been selected for the residency, as part of their participation agreement.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:

The residency is designed for candidates in their early or mid-career who have earned a measure of professional recognition – in the form of exhibitions, reviews, works included in collections, awards, etc. – but who are still growing and developing their body of work.

Spoken English is strongly preferred in most international residency programs; in addition, individual residency programs may have their own language requirements.

Davidoff Art Residency positions are open to all eligible candidates, without preference or restriction as to nationality gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or religious or ideological belief.

Writers and curators specializing in the visual art of the Caribbean, or who are involved in projects (books, exhibitions, lecture series, documentaries, etc.) featuring Dominican and/or Caribbean art and artists, are eligible to apply to some participating programs.

Candidates for the program must complete and submit all required application materials and agree to an interview with a Davidoff Art Initiative representative. Once selected, participants must comply with all contractual requirements and agree to stay in the residency location for the entire duration of the residency.

Each candidate is solely responsible for obtaining proper travel authorization. Davidoff will provide any required letters and necessary documentation of the program in these cases, and will cover any applicable visa processing fees.
Deadline: depending on the residency – please check the website

Email: info@davidoffartinitiative.com


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