Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art – Spain

Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art – Spain

Disciplines: Architecture, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Film, Curating/Research, Media Art, Multi Media, Music & sound art, Photography, Performing Arts, Sculpture, Textile, Visual Arts
Founded: 2012
Language: Spanish, English

A Coruña is an active port city in the Galician region of Spain
Duration: 2 months
Paid by artist:

Production costs
Paid by host:

Use of a studio inside of the museum in A Coruña (Spain) for 2 months.
Financial support of 1.500€/month during the residence period plus 500€ for travel expenses. Total amount: 3.500€.
Financial support of 600€ for production for the Local AIR Program recipients.
Lunch from Monday to Thursday at the MAC’s cantine.

Application Guidelines and Criteria:

Applications are open to artists and professionals from the any artistic background: plastic arts, visual arts, architecture, design, music, cultural management, etc.

For the purpose of the application, the following support documents are required:

Application form.
Short curriculum vitae containing references to recent work (webpages, photos, videos, etc.).
Project plan to be developed during the residency.
Calendar or work plan for the project.

Deadline: Check website for future deadlines
Tags: sustainers, research
How long: 1 to 3 months
criteria resident: established artist / mid-career starter

basic tools and equipment
exhibition space

paid by host:
round trip
studio space
separate from accomodation
access only during office hours

Telephone: +34 981 178 75
Facebook page


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