Leveld Kunstnartun – Norway

Leveld Kunstnartun – Norway

Disciplines: Architecture, Design, Drawing & Painting, Film, Curating/Research, Media Art, Literature, Multi Media, Music & sound art, Photography, Sculpture, Textile, Visual Arts
Language: English, German, Norwegian

Leveld is a small village in Ål municipality, Hallingdal in the midst of mountainous Norway app. 700 m above sea-level. The small village has a special landscape with the farms pread out on the sunny side of the valley. Leveld has been nominated as a conservation area. Leveld has app. 300 inhabitants, infant school, and kindergarten. However, there is no shop in Leveld.

From the 1930’ies about twenty artists and some writers dwelled in Leveld appreciating the view and bright clean air. They stayed in the farms and became part of the community. Agnar Mykle and Jens Bjørneboe were authors staying in Leveld. The notched storehouse belonged to Jens Bjørneboe during his transformation from a scholared painter to a well-known author.

It is mandatory that the residents convey their project/art or related subjects locally by exhibition, concert, lecture et al.
Duration: 1 to 3 months (shorter stays negociable) – between August and December
Paid by artist:

travel costs, food, material, transportation, final outcome.

For other types of program (mini seminars etc.), there is 5.000 nkr. pr. month fee.
Paid by host:

The program includes free stay, studio and internet access at Leveld Kunstnartun.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:

Professional artists, writers, musicians, composers, designers, architects, cultural workers etc. are eligible to apply. The applicants must hold a membership in a professional organization. The selection is based on artistic merits and the quality of artistic practice. Applicants from outside the Nordic region are expected to master the English or German language. The program is not available for students.

Please send application to leveld.kunstnartun@gmail.com before December 1st 2013. There is no application form, but you can find the list of documents needed for the application on Leveld Art Centre’s website.
December 1 2014
Tags: rural, norway, artist-run residency

Email: leveld.kunstnartun@gmail.com
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