Virginia Center for the Creative Arts – USA

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts – USA

Disciplines: Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Literature, Multi Media, Sculpture, Textile, Visual Arts
Founded: 1971
Language: English

Located at Mt. San Angelo, a 450 acre estate in Amherst Country, Virginia, approximately 160 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. The nearest railway station is 17 miles away, the nearest airport 22 miles and the nearest busstop is 3 miles away.

Why do artists from around the world leave their studios behind to come to the VCCA? It’s all about the work. Many artists find they accomplish more in a matter of weeks at VCCA than they can in a year at home. The VCCA also offers a chance to work privately but in proximity to more than twenty other highly accomplished artists with fresh insights, new ideas and stimulating conversation.
Duration: Up to 2 months
Paid by artist:

Artists are accepted at VCCA without consideration for their financial situation. We ask Fellows to contribute according to their ability.

Individual traveling expenses, working material, and personal needs. The cost per day per resident is $180. VCCA requests that a contribution of 25% to 50% ($45-$90 per day) be made by each artist when possible (only under special circumstances will the contribution be waived).
Paid by host:

Accommodation, studio space, and three meals a day are provided.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:

Admission to the Virginia Center is competitive and selective, based on a review of applicant’s work. The basis for admission is professional achievement or promise of achievement. There is no discrimination due to race, creed, sex, age or physical condition. The charter of the VVCA does not admit craftspeople or writers of scholarly theses.

Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year, but scheduling is conducted at only three designated times during the year. Deadlines are as follows:

June to September Residencies
Deadline: January 15
Notification: mailed by March 31
October to January Residencies
Deadline: May 15
Notification: mailed by July 31
February to May Residencies
Deadline: September 15
Notification: mailed by November 30

May 15 2014
September 15 2014
Tags: america, usa, writing, Music, visual arts
How long:
1 to 3 months
more than 10 residents
basic tools and equipment
music studio
origin of residents:
paid by host:
private studio

Telephone: +434 946 7236
Fax: +434 946 7239


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