Aomori Contemporary Art Center – Japan

Aomori Contemporary Art Center
Disciplines: Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Multi Media, Music & sound art, Photography, Performing Arts, Visual Arts
Founded: 2001
Located on 33.5 ha of city-owned land adjacent to Aomori Public College, which is in the suburbs of Aomori.
Approximately 40 minutes from JR Aomori Station.
Exhibition at ACAC (October 26 – December 15)
Duration: September 11 – December 20 (*Until September 16, other AIR exhibition is held.)
Paid by host:
Accommodation, board, food, individual travel expenses, public presentation expenses, studio, technical facilities.
Application Guidelines and Criteria:
May 20 2013
Address (residency first)
152-6, Goshizawa, Yamazaki,
Aomori 030-0134
Contact info
Telephone: +81 17 764 5200
Fax: +81 17 764 5201


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