Programa Residencias Artísticas Local – Colombia

Programa Residencias Artísticas Local

Disciplines: Architecture, Curating/Research, Media Art, Multi Media, Photography
Founded: 2004
To begin the residency the artist has to present a public dissertation about his/her work and proposal; when finishing it, the artist is expected to show and share the experiences and process that he/she has carried out. When returning to place of origin, we expect he/she to keep in touch with the program.
Duration: max. 30 days
Paid by host:
MODE II (Artist living abroad): 
The program will finance until 5000 USD for ticket expenses, project disclosure and socialization. This value will be delivered in Colombian pesos once period of residence starts. It is suggested to obtain it through local or international entities that bring institutional support for such process. This condition applies for university candidates who plan to carry out a residency abroad, as well as for foreign candidates who apply to this program. The health insurance fee should be paid by the artist.
Tags: creative writing, environmental art, museology

The Red de Residencias Artísticas LOCAL program seeks to strengthen links between artists interacting with foreign artist residence programs as well as with international cultural management institutions. The goal is to make university an art node that facilitates dialog between artists, enhance projects through creation of interchanging proposals networks with other high level programs and institutions.
Mode I (National) Invites Universidad Nacional de Colombia teaching artists as well as graduate students to develop a residence outside the country.
Mode II (International) Offers accommodation for one month to foreign artists interested in an art residence in the University. In this period, the artist is expected to develop an own work related process. The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is offering its own academic and physical spaces for the artist to develop a residence in the desired university headquarter.

Address (residency first)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Edificio 217, Cra 30 No. 45-03 Oficina 104
Contact info
Telephone: 3165000 ext. 16723
Fax: 3165371


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