Visegrad Artist Residency Programs (VARP) – Slovekia

Visegrad Artist Residency Programs (VARP)
Disciplines: Architecture, Dance, Street arts & circus, Ceramics, Fashion, Theatre, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Film, Jewellery, Media Art, Literature, Multi Media, Music & sound art, Photography, Performing Arts, Sculpture, Textile, Visual Arts
Founded: 2006
Duration: 3 months
Paid by host:

Visual & Sound Arts: Selected artists will receive a residency fee (scholarship) of €750 per month and the host organization will receive €750 per month to cover expenses related to the residency.

Performing Arts:

€4,000 for indi­vid­ual res­i­dency (1–2 artists): €1,500 for the host institution/€2,500 for the artist(s);
€8,000 for group res­i­dency (3 artists and more): €2,500 for the host institution/€5,500 for the artis­tic group.

Application Guidelines and Criteria:

To apply for the VARP Visual & Sound Arts and Performing Arts, each artist has to find a host organization, which will accept his/her residency project.

In gen­eral the fol­low­ing con­di­tions are nec­es­sary for every applicant:

Citizenship of any V4 country
Documentation of pre­vi­ous work (portfolio)
Original project proposal

Deadline: September for VARP Visual & Sound Arts, October for VARP Performing Arts

The Visegrad Artist Residency Program was cre­ated in 2006 for the pur­poses of facil­i­tat­ing art mobil­ity and exchange for cit­i­zens of the Visegrad Group (V4: the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic) coun­tries. Starting as a gen­eral artist-in-residence exchange, the pro­gram grew into three sep­a­rate subprograms:

VARP—Visual&Sound Arts (indi­vid­ual mobil­ity within the V4 region)
VARP—Performing Arts (indi­vid­ual and group mobil­ity pro­gram focused on scenic arts) and
VARP in New York (indi­vid­ual artist-in-residence pro­gram in Brooklyn, NY)
Visegrad Literary Residency Program (indi­vid­ual res­i­den­cies within the V4 region)

Address (residency first)
Kráľovské údolie 8
Bratislava 811 02
Contact info
Telephone: +421 259 203 811
Fax: +421 259 203 805


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